Saturday, March 14, 2020

Americas Backbone essays

America's Backbone essays Hundreds of years ago the United States was formed through people seeking religious or social freedom. In seek of freedom there are possible issues derived from the natural human behavior towards their rivals. For centuries people have oppressed each other to triumph in the sake of their well estate. In search of security and fortune, people have oppressed minorities of all sorts in order to become the successors they are destined to be. The original thirteen colonies were formed from a group of people striving for religious freedom from the eastern civilizations. Native Americans were becoming an endangered race because this new eastern civilization was taking over their mother land, driving them away or even killing them off to extinction. Slavery was the most popular profitable method of farming. Landowners in the southern most states of the United States were the main reason the slave trade exploded and created the foundation of Americas economy from the African slave. Soon after coal mines in the west and railroads in central United States created one of the largest slave migrations across the country. The output of World War II brought the biggest immigration of Japanese refugees from Japan to America; their only main purposes in life were freedom from communist oppression and escape the massacre the war brought. The Mexican-American War became the birth of California as one of the richest states today. The amount of gold in California became the step stone of Californias future, by paying off Mexico with gold mined from California, the United States robed Mexico. The gold rush was the largest migration of Americans from east to west of the United States. This great migration was pioneered by the money seeking American. California alone, hosted the largest immigrant population of people who were seeking the civil freedom. The Latino immigrant began to migrate from all over the southern countries, Mexican immigrants se...

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